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[ w i n - m y - a w a r d ]

The midi is "Walking On The Sun" by Smashmouth.

Hey! Well, as you probably guessed, this is the site where you can win my award. Here's some stuff that I look for when I pick a site to win..

1. The site's gotta be intresting and original. I'm not going to give your site an award if the whole thing is about how you arrange your sock drawer. *Yes, original, but boring.*

2. I'm also looking for sites that update regularly, at least once or twice a month at the lest. If your site hasn't been updated since '97...Well....You get the picture.

3. No Porno Sites! If I go to your site and see something...uh....inappropriate, forget it. This also goes for language; If every other word is the f-word, don't EVEN ask. Some cussing is okay, but nothing too major.

4. You need to have more than one link on your homepage. I mean, it's great that you have a HOMEPAGE, but if you don't have any other pages of your own linked off of it, I won't consider your site.

So, what does this award look like? Check it out....

Pretty spiffy, huh?? By the way...If I see this award on your page, and I know for a fact that you didn't win it...Heheheh...I have my ways, y'know..You're going to get in some major trouble with me because I made the award and it's copyrighted to me. So, if you're ready...Here's the link to the Award Form. Good luck! :]

This page last updated on April 23rd, 1999.