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[ c y b e r p e t s ]

The midi is "Everybody (Bacsktreet's Back)" by The BSB.

Hey! This is the place where all of my adopted cyber-pets "live". So feel free to "Ooh", "Aah", and adopt some of your own. All of them are linked back to where I got them. Have fun!

..These are my net-babies, Balue *In the crib*, and Aloe *Out of the crib*. They're always really hyper when nobody's around..

This is my sea monkey...Oh yeah! LoL. Her name is Saturday because that's my lucky day..

..These are my little puppies, Boo and Dew. They only LOOK like they're sleeping...They're actually just faking it to look even cuter..LoL..

..This is my shadow-guy...Superman! I don't know if she's still making these, though, so you might want to go and see..

..This is my Woobie, P.B.J. Rabbit. You can get a woobie of your own by clicking on the Woobie World Certificate...

..This is Aura, my baby hairball. Yes, it sounds gross, but I think that she looks more like a Koosh Ball!..

..These are Annie and Brad, my two bagels. They're going out, LoL. Click on one of them to go make bagels of your own!..

..This is my Balphe, Kelsey. She's just a baby, and she's not shy at all. She looks like she's in a bad mood, but she's actually really sweet...

The Site Fights Egg

..This WAS my Site Fights egg.....named Jessa. Now it's a teaset..LoL..I guess I overwatered it or something. :)..

..This is my angelbaby, Nebula. Isn't she SOO cute? (In case you were wondering, this is Julianna's niece.)..

This page last updated on April 25th, 1999.