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*New links added 4/15/99*

*Last check for broken links: 4/15/99*


Amanda's Kids Page--This is such a cute page; I love the little picture of her at the beginning. You've gotta go see for yourself!

~Annelise's Page~--Very cool page; The setup on the first page is awesome and nice-looking. A fun site to surf.

BerryLicious--This site has the best graphics I've seen for awhile, and a ton of pages to keep you busy for awhile, including free graphics and a clique or two you can join.

Cam's Cyber-Corner--Cam's got tons of intresting stuff to keep ya busy, including web design tips, old pages to surf, and funny stuff. So stop by and say hi!

Christine's Page--This is a very pretty site; Lots of cool links and pretty graphics, and her frames add a nice look.

Cortney's HomePage--This is my "sister" Cortney's site! She has a lot of links and bunch of pics. A good site to stop by, especially for all you Elvis fans out there!

Heather's Place--A really neat site with cool graphics and a pretty midi to listen to while you're there.

Kim's Homepage Of Quotes--A TON of quotes, all catergorized by subject, and so many to choose from. Nice page overall.

Kristen's Page!!!--One of my fav. sites. It's got tons to do and a great layout.

Kris's Home Page--This is my "brother's" page; You've gotta go! It has tons and tons of links, and a lot of great places to check out.

Lara's World--This is where I got my Superman-type dude on my cyber pet page. She's go that, and so much more. It's a cool site, and I love the layout.

Laura's Page--An overall cool page. The links are all really intresting, and I like how she has her pages set up.

Smitty's World--Amanda's site is great! She has everything set up AWESOME, and her midi is way kewl, too!

Starshinez and Daydreamz--Dontcha just LOVE the title?! This is Jen's page, and I've gotta say that it's put together great. She's obviously done a lot of work to get it this way, so check it out!

Straight From The Heart--This is one of my sister sites; Lisa has a TON of really nifty links, including an advice column, embarassing moments, and more!

S.t.a.r.l.i.g.h.t--A very cool page to check out; The layout is really spiffy looking, and the pages are lotsa fun to check out.

Teenybopper--What CAN'T you do here?! Her site is tons of fun to check out, and all of her pages are totally unique. She's got some cliques you can join, too.

The Gap In The Sidewalk- Main--This site is one that I'm a sister site TO! The title really is catchy, isn't it? So is her site!

The Mental Institution--I've been going to this site for practically my entire life. It's REALLY intresting..You'll leave questioning your own sanity, along with the person's who made the page..LoL.

The ZONE--OMG, this site RULEZ! You can do so many things on here that your head'll spin, including getting your site rated, which takes forever, LoL.

Stuff That's Just THERE!

Blue Mountain Arts Electronic Greeting Cards--This is my favorite site to get FREE e-cards from. They've got tons of cute cards for like every occasion, so next time you're looking for one, stop by!

Dawson's Creek--Are you a D.C. fan like I am? Check out this site! It's got a quiz, chat room, message board, and more. The perfect D.C. site in my opinion.

Dumpster Dive--Let somebody know you care; By sending them a lawn flamingo, a deformed Barbie, or any one of the millions of treasures at Dumpster Diver! :]

Instant Online Banner Creator--Exactly what the name says; Free, too!

Lyrics Headquarters--This is a GREAT place to get lyrics to practically ANY song!

Pagoo!--Ever wanted to hear your online buds? This is the perfect chance! It's exactly like voice mail, and you can download a FREE trial version for 30 days or until you get 20 calls. It's awesome!

Promise You'll Never Forget Me--Okay, okay; This was one of those "forward-pages", but it's still SOO cute! You don't have to send it to any of your friends, but it's good for a smile. good place for some cool electronic cards; All 100% free!

Sites That Do Stuff--TONS of links to sites that do something cool; Most of them use Shockwave, but don't worry if you don't have it; There's always other links AND a link to download it, too.

Truth or Dare--This is a good page to go to for some good party dares. You can choose from two categories; All Ages or Adult. I only went to the All Ages one, and it has tons!

Zoog Disney--Bored? Need something to do? If you've got Shockwave, go here! (Even if you don't, there's a download link.) Games, quizzes, chat, message boards, and more!

HTML/Java Stuff

Tripod's Answering Service--If you have a Tripod member name, you can go here to get a free answering machine like mine. It's pretty cool!

Cedge's HTL Cheat Sheet--This is by far one of the most helpful HTML "cheat sheets" I've ever been to. It has the HTML for pretty much anything, from linking images to e-mail to changing the text color.

Flashbase--My forms were all made here; It's pretty easy once you catch on, and it's a great service..

JavaGoodies Javascript Repository--An AWESOME java site! It has so many java-thingys you'll be like, "Is this REALLY only on the 'web?" All the java I have I get here.

The Open Diary--Okay, I'm guilty; I write in my 'net diary a lot. This is a good place to let yourself go on the 'net, and have other people read it. It sounds weird, but it's a cool site overall.

So, You Want A Basic Color Code, Huh?--For all of you out there in need of a color code for your page, here ya go!

Shady Oaks--A really good source for HTML help and overall webpage making. AWESOME site!

The Help Page--Another good HTML help page, including scrolling text and how to leave your banner in a guestbook.

I'll also add YOUR link! Just e-mail it to me and if it's "appropriate", I'll add it to this page!

This page last updated on April 15th, 1999.