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[ l i f e - l e s s o n s ]

About a month ago, my friend Jen and me put together this forward about stuff we'd learned in life; On love, friends, all that. And so I decided to make this page about stuff I'VE learned in life, instead of how this page used to be, with lessons OTHER people have learned.

[ l e s s o n s - i ' v e - l e a r n e d ]

*Pouring a packet of black cherry Kool-Aid into your mouth on a dare is really quite stupid.*

*No matter how hard you try, you can't stop yourself from falling in love.*

*Moms find out everything eventually. I've learned from experience.*

*Soccer shorts and sharp edges of light sockets do NOT mix.*

*You've just gotta do it, or you'll never get it done.*

*The best lessons in life are learned through experience.*

*Never believe rumors. It's like playing telephone; Anybody can change it, nobody will admit to doing it.*

*The only person you can trust is your stuffed animal.*

*Love is confusing; Never waste your time pondering over it.*

*If you ever doubt your boyfriend or girlfriend more than twice, then it's not meant to be.*

*Everything happens for a reason*.

*There's at least one good day for every crappy day you live through*.

*If you're meant to know, you'll find out eventually. If you're not, get over it, because it's not worth knowing.*

*At least one good thing comes out from every bad thing. I'm serious.*

*Falling UP stairs is even more embarassing than falling down 'em.*

*True friends are the ones that know everything about you and still are your friends.*

*Fear: What you get when you think about something too much.*

This page last updated on May 2nd, 1999.