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The midi is "Under The Sea" from Disney's "The Little Mermaid".

Hey! Welcome to my games page. I've got a couple of Java games on here to play, which is why it's called a games page for all of you geniuses out there. So have fun!


Evetybody's seen people playing Plinko on The Price Is Right..So why can't you? Just click on the Go! buttons to get your own game going on.

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 |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
 |   |   |   | 
Score:      Rolls left:

English to French Translator

Ever wondered how to say something STRANGE in French? Here's your chance. Just pick one fragment from each section, then hit the translate button and voila! You've got French.

Do you want Do we really have Do you know how
Is it be possible Will I manage

to sleep with to find to eat to buy to show me
to look like to stand to get in

Gerard Depardieu perfume a pair of frog legs
good cheese the Eiffel Tower
a genuine Parisian my wife my pants

in your widest dreams? to cover the smell? while drinking red wine? without speaking French? right after breakfast? without being too arrogant? when my mother-in-law is around? aftereating 300 croissants? ?(nothing)

I'm on the lookout for some more COOL games, but not a lot of luck as you can tell. Keep checking!

This page last updated on April 1st, 1999.