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Hey! This is Secret Agent Sunnie Dee. (I'm really stuck on this secret agent thing. LoL.) Your mission? Well, you've already got step one done by coming here. Step Two involves your webpage. Have one? Good. Now you're on Step Three. Pretty good. Step Three? Read through this page to find out everything about the GMG (Growing More Greater) Webring. Step Four? Join! Good luck!

What's a webring?

A webring is sort of like a circle of people all holding hands; Basically, connected. In a webring, pages in the ring are all connected together by HTML that's on their webpages; That's also another point; If you don't have a webpage, then you can't really join a webring, unless a good, kind friend :] of yours lets you use their page to put the webring code on.

How do you join?

With most webrings, you go to a specific page and fill out a form that's there, or send the Webring Manager an e-mail. With GMG, you go to the GMG Homepage and scroll down until you find a form. Fill that all the way out, and then on the next page that comes up after you hit the SUBMIT button, and that gives you the HTML to put on your page, which you shouldn't change or modify unless you get the OK from Kris, the ring manager. Some webrings don't have the HTML already made up for you, though; You might have to add your Site ID or e-mail address a few times to get the HTML right, but GMG already has it done for you.

What's the purpose of web rings?

It depends on what kind of webring it is; Usually, it's to (1) Link groups of pages with the same subject or intrest together and (2) Get pages more traffic! With GMG, the main purpose is to sort of bring people all over together. Corny as it may be, GMG isn't like alot of other webrings where you just add the HTML and have a pretty graphic to look at all day; We've got a newsletter, an award you can win, a site of the week, and tons more cool stuff, even more ways to promote your site. It's a great webring to get involved with, and everybody on the staff is awesome and fun to work with. *Kris didn't tell me to put that...honest...LoL.*

What's up with GMG's new "sister webring", the Cool Kids & Teens Webring?

Basically, our two webrings joined together; GMG members can also be involved in Cool Kids & Teens awards and everything, and the same thing goges for the member of Cool Kids and Teens. It's a really beneficial idea that's working great!

Who runs webrings?

Usuaully the person who got the idea...LoL. With GMG, we've got five people all together, and we all have different jobs: (Keep in mind that not all webrings have a staff like ours)

Ring Manager--This is Kris's job. He started the ring, and he manages or looks over everything at GMG, including new members, the newsletter, etc. And if I do say so, he does a great job.

Assistant Ring Manager and Grahpics Designer--Jen's job had two parts: First of all, she's Kris's Assistant Manager, so she helps Kris out with the newsletter, member stuff, etc. Second of all, she designs all of the awesome graphics you see all over GMG, including the newslteer. Nifty, huh?

Chief Recruiter--Cort's job is to recruit people into GMG; Basically, she goes to alot of webpages, checks them out, and then sends them an e-mail asking them to join GMG. It's a really fast way to gain new members that may not have heard of GMG before, and it's also a nice way for somebody's page to be recognized.

Assistant Recruiter--That would be me. My job is pretty much the same as Cort's, except I'm very picky about what sites I choose... :]

Awards Coordinater--Amy's job deals with the awards section of GMG. She handles all the things that go along with awards; The site submissions, site reviewing, giving out the award, etc. She does a really good job, and alot of great sites have won..Maybe yours could be next. *GMG Members...That's you!*

Chat Room Coordinater--Lance's job is to run the chatroom that we just started.

And that's about it...If there's something I didn't answer or didn't put clear enough, please e-mail me and let me know, or e-mail Kris and ask him...Below are all of GMG's pages, and you might want to check out those, too, if a question you have isn't answered.

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